It is a duty as a photographer to help our clients to love each other through photos on an important day of their life.
The “body shaming” is very popular in recent times and none more than us, can understand the feeling to be not loved, appreciated and pleasure in the life and in front the camera. Should we call it “empathy”? maybe but we LOVE what we do and we always and everything use the heart in it, so:
when we approach a bride we NEVER use an aesthetic judgment parameter but we always try to “discover your sensual beauty” which has been our slogan for years, before approaching a more minimal marketing without logos and slogans except our photos and the Francese Photography font.
This slogan really represents us, firstly because we do consider everything beautiful, before all it for the LOVE ITSELF. I love my brides: in our career I have met brides with piercing, tattoos, almost white eyes, freckles, large in age, shapely like me, tall, small and I loved them individually one by one especially for their particularities that for me (Claudia) were not different but things that made them SPECIAL UNIQUE and WONDERFUL.
My beloved brides and grooms REMEMBER: for us you are all wonderful and I will do everything in my ability to make you feel even more wonderful.
I love you


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