Hello colleagues
We are an Internation Destination Wedding Photographer located in Ravello Amalfi Coast,
We ran our business from 2005 (and glad about) and happy to share a couple of information about the photography business, ASAP you will see our course on our YouTube channel .
Well, here following I am really Happy to explain some tips for being “popular” on social also because we have the “merit” of having 8500 true followers.
I wrote this guide followed my experience and it all comes first from some questions:
What? When? How?
I am a photographer and this guide is for the Photographers sooooooo….. Please be careful what to post. Try to post with a sense also of color. Something that you firstly love to see and image that all the rest of the words want to see it soooo….. please no cats, ahah not image not edited and please not what you eat, because honestly, people doesn’t care a lot about.
I don t post a lot, I know I should more, but I am a really reserved woman, I wasn’t I became, social MUST be used only for business, so please be careful to do not mix your privacy with your own personal thoughts and needs. because It ‘s really tough once to get out. I did it and  I m happy right now.
#hashtag in the becoming honestly  I didn’t even know the meaning, but then after I understood that is important and not more then 20 yes guys no more than 20 because as usual LESS my dear IS MORE


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