Wedding Anniversary on Amalfi Coast Italy

One is taken from life by the daily grind. That damn busy life, the one that doesn’t make you appreciate life for the good things, and then I wonder when you stop and make the memories?

When do you get dressed and take great family photos?

When do you sit down to have a good glass of wine with a good excuse?

Anniversaries are a good excuse: they are a beautiful anniversary, they are the pleasure of being together, they are a good opportunity to live a beautiful day peacefully and happily and then we celebrate the anniversary.

Let’s do it. Below I leave you the list of recurrences that are traditional of the ancient Romans: The names of some recurrences provide indications for appropriate or traditional gifts that the spouses exchange;

this description that in case of celebration can affect the decorations are different in the nations but in recent years common in almost all religions and nations.

5th wood Anniversary,

10th tin Anniversary,

15th crystal Anniversary,

20th China Anniversary,

25th silver Anniversary,

30th pearl Anniversary,

35th jade Anniversary,

40th ruby Anniversary,

45th sapphire Anniversary,

50th gold Anniversary,

60th diamond Anniversary,

70th platinum Anniversary,

What are anniversary gifts for each year?

On the internet I discovered that there are countries where Wedding Anniversaries are a common and very frequent custom not only for anniversaries such as the 5th 10th or 25th of weddings but also for small events such as the celebration of 1th, 2th, 3th weddings.
The most common gifts are a watch for the first year, a China for the second year but also a crystal for the 3th.

Where to celebrate the symbol for the years of marriage?

On amalfi Coast could be such a great idea.

In our career we have done many weddings but also promises and still Pizza Party , Vows on Amalfi Coast, all those can be a good opportunity and possibility to celebrate your own year marriage.

What I really prefer and I love more of all the celebration are the Symbolic Celebration Ceremony


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