Villa Cimbrone First Look Photos Wedding Santa Caterina Reception, this Wedding is about the first look and the Wedding photos at Villa Cimbrone, the Venue Santa Caterina Reception and Ravello Wedding Photographer, Francese Photography in Ravello are a Sister Team working in the Wedding business from over 17 years.

The first look made in Villa Cimbrone is a moment in the Wedding day that captures the bride and groom’s emotions. It is an intimate moment between the two of them, before they walk down the aisle to meet their guests for the first time. The bride and groom are often photographed in front of a beautiful backdrop, which can be a villa or a garden. It is usually photographed with natural light so that it has a soft and romantic feel in this Wedding we had the first look in Villa Cimbrone on the Infinity Terrace (Terrazza dell’Infinito)

The Francese Photography Sisters were born from love of photography, Weddings and Italy. They have always been surrounded by stunning landscapes and breathtaking architecture.

The garden terrace has been filled with the smell of dewy lavender and roses.

We show some of their most beautiful photos from Villa Cimbrone First Look and Venue Location for the Symbolic Wedding at Santa Caterina in Amalfi.

Every morning, the Symbolic Wedding takes place in the gardens of Santa Caterina in Amalfi. The bride & groom dress in traditional white wedding clothing and are accompanied by the priest.

After the brief ceremony, the couple are then given a token that represents them being wed in front of their families and friends.

After the ceremony the couple with all guests had the aperitif on Terrace of the Santa Caterina, a traditional, Italian drink, the wine is traditionally made from sparkling white wine.

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