Last year we had a great pleasure to work with a some lovely couple from all over the world. The couple choosed Ravello as wedding Location, they got so impressed from the little town of Ravello that immediately they decided to will Get Married there.
Ravello, is a place, as we wrote many time, of extraordinary beauty. Couple comes from so far to get married in Ravello and is become a mode to have a dream wedding in Ravello. Initially the trend started by American couple are coming from America, and England. 
But it has also been extended to couples from other cultures like Russia also couples from Japan and China to realize a dream “Have a faboulouse, glamour and stylish Wedding in Ravello” .
Ravello is located in the middle of the Baia of Salerno, in the history Ravello was an important town of the maritime republic of Amalfi, full of history and a great memories of famous guests in the last ten years Ravello is distinguished for the great hospitality and italian traditions in the world.
The couple had a Protestant Ceremony in Santa Maria a Gradillo Church.
Santa Maria a Gradillo is one of the beautiful Churches in Ravello, after the ceremony the couple enjoyed a timeless atmosphere walking through the Ravello ‘s street. They loved the Garden of Villa Cimbrone in Ravello where we taken a great photos naturally and very relaxed. The couple was very impressed from the ” Infinity Terrace ” or  ”Terrazza dell’infinito”. The Terrace overlooking the Amalfi Coast and is so nice as you should see from the pictures the Terrace is breathtaking from the Terrace the sky and the sea seams seem to be on the same line of horizon and does not distinguish what is the line that separates the sea and the sky! Is it amazing, we do love it!

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