Hotel Marincanto , we think in the most beautiful terrace in the WHOLE WORLD . The Marincanto hotel is situated in the most beautiful part of Positano. Breezy and sophisticated areas accommodate guests at different times of the day. Its terraces offer an unforgettable view over the bay and the town, could you immagine to have a romantic , elegant, unforgettable wedding in one of the Marincanto’s Terrace? Is this the most romantic place in world?
We assist lot’s of Wedding at Marincanto Hotel, most of them are Symbolic Weddings.
The Symbolic Wedding is a Wedding ceremony without Legal or Religious status, if you had your Civil or Religious Wedding already, and It will be the MOST AMAZING DREAMY WEDDING you have ever dreamed as a Destination Wedding in Italy .
Choose a Symbolic Wedding in Positano at Hotel Marincanto is became very popular. Symbolic Wedding means JUST celebrate “LOVE “ in the real meaning itself.
We found that is more romantic, and emotional. WE JUST LOVE IT!
As you should see throught our Portfolio photos, the place gives you a great feeling, that ‘s why the couple choose this place to renewal their vows or choose the Marincanto Terrace to have a Symbolic Wedding on the terrace . A Protestant Wedding is also another possibility, the couple comes to get married asking for a legal papers at their own ambassy
Choose to getting ready into the Hotel, It will be easy and AMAZING:
the window’s room overlooking the gulf of Positano, in front of them there is the famous island “De Li Galli”. The atmosphere is very romantic and BREATHLESS.
Enjoy the photos!!