Symbolic Wedding on Amalfi Coast

Symbolic marriage are the pure celebration of love.

It is the only ritual that doesn’t need any conditioning.
It is the real celebration of love.

Symbolic weddings are beautiful for a few good and simple reasons:
– you don’t need papers
-you can celebrate it wherever you want
– it costs little to celebrate
-it s semple to change the date and hours
-you can choose the location during the day

Why the guests prefer the symbolic wedding?

The guests invited to a Destination Symbolic Wedding are free to enjoy the day without any stressed.
They can dreseed  a bit more easy, maybe using local linen dress.
The duration of the marriage is different from other rites.
The symbolic wedding can be celebrated in any place of the hotel where you stay overnight.
Symbolic weddings are usually small in number and therefore easier to organize.

Check all the category below for see the Location Collection:

We have a huge carrier of Weddings on Amalfi Coast in Ravello in Hotel where is really popular getting married with a symbolic ceremony, Hotel Palazzo Avino, Hotel Palazzo Murat, Hotel Santa Caterina.


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