I m feel blessed and honored to have the pleasure in my life to work in a place like Hotel Caruso, do you know what does it mean, work in a Location where Art History beauty Folk good test, a class with a hight test of welcoming, is all in it?  Do you how this can improve your perception of the world? The first time in the far 2007 that I been to Hotel Caruso for a Japanese Wedding I m been impressed about all it.  I had a time the feeling to live in Fellini movie,  where classy and welcoming were at the base of all. The Hotel Caruso is famous for the century-old gardens , it has 50 between rooms and suites, dining restaurant on terrace a stunning infinity pool , Wellness Centre and and a cute luxury boutique. Hotel Caruso is an old convent, it has an old chapel inside, is structured on more level and as of last and unique as an amazing Pool called Infinity pool where sky and water came across there, the could with the mountain create a game of color unique in itself.  Hotel Caruso welcome us as part of the team, THANK YOU all we adore you!

Francese Photography for Hotel Caruso Belmond