Prince charming does not exist. We women save the world (apart from a little bit of badness)

Antonella my sister had a beautiful girl named Chloe. But rather the story of Cinderella, we more rapresents  the story of two dreamers who have studied, due to two languages, opened a business and paid taxes and perhaps eventually found a man with whom to share their realization without emotional dependencies.

But if this does not happen to enjoy an everlasting romance in the most beautiful journey that is life.
Becoming a photograph was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.
I love my job and what I do, a little less JEALOUSY, MALICE, ARROGANCE and ENVY are the feelings that I have known only after my activity.
Come react to all this?
Ignoring this is done, of course, there are phases in which a word can hurt you but then you learn to give a damn how I’m an intelligent woman can do.
FREGATENE and do your job GOOD.
That thing will come.
Our work is made of ups and downs, as in all activities, but be:
“Strong and creative” helps and teaches: “In life, you will make it alone!”
There was a period in which I wanted to be treated as the “cohabitant who stays at home”; but then I’m Laura Chiavazzo’s daughter sorry!
From my mother, I inherited the fighting spirit of my mother and here I am again after a hard time getting up and fighting more and stronger and not for others but only and only for myself.
Too deep as a non-realistic thought and if others hide this thing is just insecurity, vulnerability is a starting point for me and empathy is pure STRENGTH!
All women experience it, all women feel it and live it.
I grew up with the principle of FREEDOM of mind and expression in a society objectively a bit bigoted, with the idea that every person must be free, respecting others obviously
“Since I became a photographer, I rediscovered the Feminist to the bitter end”

I remember that in 2013 we were so busy at work that I had bronchitis 3 times in just two months and still in 2015 at the end of the working season an operation.
and is it just fair and they call us weaker sex? Really? Ego bad, wash away!
I don’t remember a single job done in pain that stopped me from resting.
During a visit, the doctor told me that people for my problem lose their jobs, and that year I worked 3 days a week for 10 hours under the blazing sun of the Amalfi coast.
I remember the expression of a very sweet bride turning to me: all right Claudia you are a very little pale (from there a week I had an operation on my back) I remember the pain again and how I did everything so as not to miss a moment.
Concentration, strength, and endurance!
This was my goal, it still is today.
As a child I was mistaken for a boy at the age of 20 I cut my hair short and since then it’s my strong point, my recognition,
Claudia … Claudia who?
The photographer with short hair (sometimes even shaved).
I didn’t love myself like this!
At the threshold of my 36 years, I can say that life began at 30 when I walk alone.
Never be afraid to try, about me?
…… the good my dear ones have yet to arrive!
I love you