How to become a successful photographer, It’s not only something you will learn from today to tomorrow but not even one impossible thing.
In photography as in so many other activities:
TO START,  It already the conquest!
Exactly with today, We have been doing my job since 2005. It’s not always with the same continuity, not always with the same requests, not always as been the same as now.
But now after years of paid activity is not yet experienced that will be the same. Today, even today, sometimes I feel like I’ve never done all those experiences, sometimes changing a different location, a different machine, a different flash, It makes me feel novice, but never inexperienced. Because the game is always TO START!
A New Camera a new a collaborator the foreign language a particular period of the year becomes a new adventure. Like for me to be an International Wedding Photographer paired with my sister, a friend of mine, Antonella is always something to try to enjoy to blessed about.
With Antonella is relationship of understanding, I know where her work ends and where mine begins.
I know her times and she mine, I understand her times, her technique tastes her preferences and she mine. Over the years this has created a habit and sometimes the habit flattens out the art, but it plans the work. The work of the photographer, as indeed all the works, even if by vocation and yet always aimed at again, it is, therefore is very wrong to think of just the art of the photo without thinking about its sale. As often happens at the beginning of the activity. When we talk about photographic technique, tastes, and preferences in the case of photography, it’s important to have all these features but we must not forget that everything must be sold. In the case of the photography, a beautiful photograph, definitely much more scalable than an intellectual work but an end in itself.
Taste Style Preference
Clear ideas
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We are all human and glad to be.