Francese Photography specializes in Wedding Photography and Fashion and is based in Italy, Verona and the Amalfi Coast.

Advise for USA Brides located in L.A. to book an appointment with our Event Coordinator in L.A, ask us for more information.

Francese sisters: from siblings to shooters specializing in weddings.

The creativity and professionalism of Francese Photography are always at the heart of our services.

Francese Photography together and these two sisters – both passionate photographers – define their styles as ‘simple luxury photography’ and tell their story like this.

It’s hard to stay sober in a country like Italy, where the creative impulse is everywhere and where image touch-ups risk altering reality. We like our images to be clean, essential, and minimal, and to tell a story that is true to life. Our success is measured by those who choose us to shoot their event.
We started out as passionate photographers shooting in London and Paris while searching for a style that would reflect the way we see the world: simple, uncontaminated, free from manipulation. Our style stems from a desire not to alter reality, but to bring it to perfection. This is our market niche as we see it.

No other shooting style is as true to life as ours. Our clients want something real, untouched, so we study each frame as they are created and we decide on the spot what characteristics will produce high quality captures that need no retouching. This way of interpreting the ‘sweet reality’ of weddings works for us. We share the emotion of every single client’s special day, laughing and crying for their joy and happiness.

Our trademark name is true to life too, we are sisters and photographers, thus Francese Photography. We both studied photography and have been recognized internationally; Claudia’s work appears in shows in Rotterdam and in ‘the best of’ in Vogue photo. But our focus is not so much on climbing the ladder of success as on our personal relationship with our clients. Sister’s words, ‘We are leaders in the industry in rapport with our clientele’. We provide our customers with the best fringe benefits: the finest Italian albums, excellent recommendations for video services, top-notch, green and unconditionally made in Italy.

Renowned in the industry, we speak English fluently.