This year 2013 for Francese Photography is a year of discover! Yes! Our goal is discover place where our clients should have the wedding that they have always dreamed and help our clients to realize the dream comes true !
As Christmas time is a period that we have time to travel throughout Italy to discover lovely place , this year we choose the North of Italy .
Which city in the world can rappresent the love better than Verona?
Imagine celebrating your love in a city in which the most famous and aching love story of all times was set: Verona

We discover that different place can be set of your Civil Wedding inVerona , thanks  to Sposami a Verona , The most important monument can be the set of your civil wedding , depending to the availability , of course!
The Juliet’s house : with its famous balcony, is the perfect setting for evoking the magic of Shakespearean Verona and repeating Romeo’s and Juliet’s vows of eternal love.
The Loggia Barbaro is located within the Palazzo del Capitano, a thirteenth-century residence once owned by the Della Scala family and rebuilt by Cansignorio during the second half of the fourteenth century.
The Sala Arazzi (Tapestry Room) is located on the main floor of Palazzo Barbieri, the City Hall, and features two enormous tapestries dating from the late sixteenth century.
The Sala Guarienti (Guarienti Hall) is located in the cloister of the former monastery of the Friars Minor, built in 1230, which now houses the Fresco Museum. According to tradition, there is a sarcophagus in the monastery’s crypt that holds Juliet’s remains.

The Notary’s Chapel is the most prestigious room in the “Palazzo della Ragione”, the old City Town Hall.

Please for more information follow the link : Sposami a Verona 

Verona is the perfect place for a wedding in any season: Verona is a city of art, as you should see through the photos .
Christmas time in Verona is magical! Verona in Christmas is charming also the storical center is full of life.
Verona is a city in constant motion, teeming with life and harmony, while maintaining a remarkable order and respect for people. Enjoy the photos !! Verona in Black and White !!