Sorrento is one of the most popular Wedding Location in Sorrento Coast . Sorrento in our Italian Tradition represent the place where people are so friendly and is the village where most you should see the traditions of the people who live in the place. Sorrento is a Mediterranean pearl , uniquely located on cliff overlooking by the Bay of Naples . The majestic of this area is the view , honestly we love to work here because the people are very traditional and all talk about the traditions of this place ! Is Amazing ! Sorrento is a mentioned in many “poems”and also in many songs , like ” Caruso ” from the great musician Lucio Dalla .
Sorrento is divided in “Marina Piccola” and “Marina Grande”. ” Marina Grande ” is the place where you can find comfort in a typical restaurants where you can taste many delights and dishes based on of fresh fish. ” Marina Piccola” is so busy because is You can catch a jetboat , a ferry, or hydrofoil to a number of destinations, that not to be missed islands like Capri or Ischia
Piazza Tasso is the centre of Sorrento here the square buzzes with people and tourist, from Piazza Tasso you can get quickly the Moorish-style cloisters of the Church of San Francisco, very popular from the turist , many couple are planning to get married there ! It ‘s Stunning !
Sorrento is very popular for the opportunity that are offering to the couple that have always dreamed a Romantic Civil Wedding at the Cloister of San Franceseco the photos that we love to share with you are from Lyndsey and Luke’s wedding.
Civil Weddings are Celebrate at the Cloister in Sorrento , the older tree just in  the middle of the Cloister catch the attention and as you should imagine is stands for great love for this place. The table where the bride and groom stand during the Civil Ceremony and in front of The Civil Officer is situated under this big , old tree,  which in this case is very meaningful because is the symbol of the time passing, and a solid foundation upon which the family must have their roots.
The Civil Ceremony  ” Art. 144 – The orientation of domestic life and the family residence
The husband and wife will come to an agreement on the course of their domestic life and establish the family residence according to the needs of each spouse and the prevailing needs of the family itself.
Each spouse has the power to effectuate this agreed upon course.
Art. 147 – Duties towards the children.
The state of matrimony entails the obligation of each spouse to care for, instruct and educate their offspring, taking into consideration the abilities, natural inclinations and aspirations of the children.”
“These two people requested that that I join them in matrimony and presented to me the document described below and from the examination of this document and the documents produced upon requesting the banns, all of which have received my endorsement, I find no impediment to their marriage and therefore insert this document into the volume of attachments for this register.
I have read to the bride and groom Articles 143, 144, and 147 of the Italian Civil Code and have asked the groom if he takes Juliet as his lawfully wedded wife and Juliet if she takes Romeo as her lawfully wedded husband. Having both responded in the affirmative, in the presence of the witnesses indicated below, I have pronounced in the name of the law that the same are united in matrimony…”

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