“From Antonella became a mother, we firmly sure in the power of women: united we are invincible!”

Francese Photography is an International Destination Wedding Photographers Company Located in Amalfi Coast, Verona, willing to travel throughout Italy but also available worldwide. Sisters team both
Passionate about Wedding and fashion. Magazines and numerous testimonial describing the sisters: “luxury minimal chic”. The sisters both studied photography in London and have been recognized internationally as “Best Studio in Amalfi Coast 2013

  • What does an all-female business and a family-run business mean?

Women are women and they will be forever, what distinguishes it is a union in empathic terms, we cry and laugh with all our brides, the emotions are the pivot around which we both move. We are in love with our work, we have been in the wedding industry since 2005, practically since we both have achieved our degrees, the fact they are different in particular at the head of their companies ….. POWER TO FAMILY WOMEN BUSINESS!

  • Where your determination is born from?

We grew up in a family where believing in one’s dreams was an obligation a MUST DO. We will both be involved in our personal growth even if we did not create “Francese Photography” because we believe in the power of women and in female entrepreneurship. We sincerely believe that a woman who is happy and satisfied with her work can bring the best in the couple. Antonella, who is now the mother of a child named Chloe, is firmly convinced that she is a good example to raise a child and a future woman with potentialities capable of giving and receiving love.

  • How much has your Italian culture influenced you in your personal growth?

A LOT ha-ha! We are Italian in everything we do because in things we always put our heart. But we believe that being professional is essential and perhaps our priority. Professionalism is attracting discretion, we are very attentive to how we move in situations: an example is that between us we speak in English for the coordination of the photos. This for a clear comparison to those who do not speak Italian, this is just one of the many rules we have.

  • Are you so busy how do you do everything?

Here I tell you a secret: we are organized! Ha-ha, This is a question that everyone does very often that we decided to create a YouTube channel and online courses to build companies. Where step by step we help those interested in building their business. Claudia has also written booklets that will soon sell on amazon;)