About your wedding

We use top of the line Canon cameras and accessories. We always carry back up equipment to every event including cameras, lenses and multiple flashes. We are a team of two sisters who are photographers and will be with you throughout your wedding day. We always aim to be available to work together . If Claudia or Antonella was not available,  we would send an alternative assistant who would have been hand-picked by us. We prefer to work with digital because usually we take around 1000 shots for a wedding and we can choose the best shots for your beautiful wedding album. All the best shots will be retouched allowing us to create a professional fine art finish.

“Touch up” means to use a computer program to improve appearances EG: skin tone or imperfections. Obviously, the wedding negative a drive and these negatives are protected by copyright “Claudia and Antonella Francese photographers”.

If you wish to purchase the 200 best images (additional shots) from your wedding you have our permission to print these photos: the price depends on the size.

It ‘s your decision whether we show the photos online or not. If would like us to show them you need to sign our contract.

The first step for contacting us

The first step to contacting us is to send us an e-mail to see if we are available on your special day. If we are available we’ll send you our contact details, the price list is available upon request.

Together we’ll plan your wedding photography. We can also help you if you plan to get married in Italy, It can be stressful planning a “photographer” in a country where you don’t speak the language, but we can help.

Book us for a wedding day, first you must sign our agreement and pay 30%  of total upfront /in advance. We cannot reserve the date until we have your deposit.

We try to take lots of casual shots as, we shoot primarily a photojournalistic style, but do feel it’s important to have some casually posed images with your family  and friends on the special day.

We keep it light, relaxed and quick and are guided by our client as to how many or few formals they want. We love taking portraits of the bride and groom as well the guests. We like to photograph not only the guests but also the details and decorations. We are passionate about what we do and love working with clients who share our enthusiasm for photography! We both have a different “eye” with the way we capture an event, it ‘s our goal to use photography to tell the story of your wedding day, not dictate it to you,  it’s very important to us that you enjoy the day that you have been planning for so long.

About our style 

Our style came about as a result of our long artistic and  intellectual training, resulting in a degree in Fine Arts for both of us, in art and Sociology respectively. Our style was born through real contact with the true Italian Fine Art: fashion and classic. It’s a fusion of two characters very different: Claudia is minimal, exuberant, professional and sociable. She prefers “the reportage” style Antonella  is elegant,  professional, discreet, she pay attention to detail. Both are capable of snapping the special moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.