Wedding at Villa Cimbrone, Wedding photography in Ravello,
Villa Cimbrone, in the 90s became the property of cultural heritage and today a favorite destination for many dreamers, lovers, mystical vision of the landscape from both the infamous “Terrace of Infinity”.
Celebrating a wedding at Villa Cimbrone is always a pleasure, Villa Cimbrone is a dream location, a photographic set of the past, a functional structure, the excellent agreement between the staff and the manager, always available and professional, helps the couple to achieve the own dream. The location is fantastic and literally the couple who chooses Villa Cimbrone is in love with this wonderful location.
The Villa welcomes its guests with great surprise who come to Villa Cimbrone and discover a breathtaking view of the “Terrace of Infinity” and enjoy the fantastic view from the Terrace!
Most of our weddings have always been like this, there is little difference from the type of weddings because the distances from the Duomo and other locations for accommodation are small, being Ravello a very nice village. Most except for Italian weddings that compare to foreign weddings, are the number of guests, are then celebrated with a good dinner in the Crypt of Villa Cimbrone, all the details of the flowers are taken care of by the local designer Florists, the music also taken care of by local musicians and music organizers. After the wedding ceremonies organized by celebrants who are also local, the couple enjoys an aperitif on the infinity terrace and everyone enjoys the view and relaxation!
After the aperitif the dinner in the Crypt, the music was fantastic and the guests really enjoyed dancing and had fun!
Enjoy the photos!

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