CORONAVIRUS Emergency and Destination Wedding Planning, how to move forward

Should I plan for my wedding in Italy?
Will this emergency finish soon?
Can we on 2021 start to travel again?
Should I plan my Wedding in Italy?
Well there is not really a response to all this question, but as all my mum says, after big recession there will be big upswings.
So let me say something that push me to hardly believe that god will help us all.
Something a bit less professional but with my whole heart:
“I love my job more than everything, I miss it even more than my own skin,
what is a life without love?”
Call me naive but I’m in love with love and I cannot live without it.
I will never ever give up on my dream, never.
I born for be a photographer and dreaming about wedding on the next season are just a deep breath of life.
Let’s move soon forward on this covid and celebrate love,
I need it the world needs it”
Don’t judge me for what I wrote, but I’m looking forward to the end of this absurd coronavirus
Claudia Co-Founder Francese Photography
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