After studying sculpture for the attainment of a high school diploma with a specialization in scenography, she became an Italian artist, she continued her art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples where she acquired an eclectic artistic style; Claudia defines photography as the only way to express her artistic skills. The influences of the studies of sculpture, painting and scenography are important in her training because it has given her the perception of the space of volumes and colors.
Her works are a reworking of the romantic and deeply rooted reality of her “made in Italy” culture with a journalistic imprint.
Springboard and important experience has been worked in Wedding business from which she was able to acquire the technique to be able to grasp the life that lives behind each shot, the emphasis, the elegance, of a smile of a bride, yes because her school teacher has been being a Wedding photographer.
Later her interest changed, the lifestyle, important experiences. For Claudia, any shoot can be transformed into a work of art. Her familiarity with the camera was immediate, alongside a known nationally. Important and fundamental is the love and experimentation that is applied in all his works. Claudia needs always of experimentation not limiting herself but persevering in her goal. Claudia had the great fortune of being able to moved between London, and Los Angeles where she saw and compared different realities.
Hers is a continuous visual research. Her photographic research that makes her continually proud and aware that she will never cease to make the present eternal.

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