Chinese Japanese Oriental Wedding blessing church Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy

The coast is an ideal destination for all foreigners who want to get married in an ideal location for a foreign wedding worldwide.

The Amalfi coast is an unparalleled magical place with wonderful scenery and perfect wedding shoe racks.

The spouse in question has booked an eight-hour wedding photo shoot, which is also a secret event, so that there is enough time to visit all the most magical places on the coast and make fairy tale photos. The couple were prepared in a five-star hotel in Ravello, and then they held a Protestant ceremony in the church of Santa Maria in Gradillo to celebrate the wedding.

Then shoot in the gardens of Avino Palace and Cimbrone Villa.




有问题的配偶已经预定了一个八小时的婚礼摄影照,这也是一个秘密活动,以便有足够的时间参观海岸上所有最神奇的地方,并制作童话故事照。 夫妻俩都在拉韦洛的五星级酒店里准备好了,然后他们在格拉迪略圣玛丽亚教堂举行了新教仪式来庆祝婚礼。



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