Hello to everyone, today we would love to give you a very important information about how plan a Wedding in Italy. Two things are so important  firstly a good Photographer !! 🙂 . One thing very important is the Perfect Location for your Destination Wedding Abroad! Specially if you are planning a Symbolic Wedding.
Symbolic Weddings have become a fashion specially for couple that prefer to “Elope”, the couple that choose Elopement Wedding are couple that are planning the Wedding shortly and they need our help to choose the best in the Amalfi Coast. Positano is at least a place where you will find the best place in the world to get a Symbolic Wedding at Hotel Marincanto as you should see through the photos you will find the most beautiful Terrace that you never see, the Terrace is Located in a strategic place overlooking the Positano Baia! Is Stunning! Please, see carefully the photos and let me know if there is a place more Romantic and Stunning like this?
If you are planning a Symbolic Wedding in Positano you have to choose this place!
After the wedding you will enjoy a glass of Champagne, to toast the Wedding celebration and after that we will carry on in the centre of Positano to have nice photos there!
Symbolic Wedding required a magic Location for your event. Of course! Choice’s Set & the Location depending to the period that you are planning to Get Married. If you are plan to Get Married in April in Italy, we suggest you to choose a location that give the option as an indoor dining room  o a lounge maybe with a Lovely view, “covered” because the weather is not always nice and could be possible rain. Anyway the weather will change! So after the rain it will come shining! But if you are Planning your Wedding in June, July, August and September not exited to choose a Terrace!
During the summer especially June, July and August we always suggest you to prefer the time after 5:00 PM or even 5:30 pm because in Italy is so hot, imagine to stand on the Terrace with a shining light just in front of you, the sea reflecting the light, can be very difficult to be focused in the moment that we are living and not be taken from the stifling heat, especially for us photographers the sun and the bright light of the hottest hours does not help us in our work, so we suggest to plan with your wedding planner the time line of your Symbolic ceremony or if you will not use a Wedding Planner please ask us for some tips about it!

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