Antonella graduated in sociology from the university of Salerno, but something is missing in her life,
her path is marked when she reviews a photo taken by chance at the age of 7 of Claudia in her mother’s arms, once totally unaware of an innate optical sense. He feels attracted to photography, he approaches it almost with the need to be able to find a way to express the reality that surrounds it.
For her, the perception of reality is reworked from time to time, organized, the faces, the people, the expressions and the emotions that can be translated by the machine are important.
What distinguishes it is its pragmatic aspect, almost from a compensation to the eclectic style that characterizes its sister Claudia, in fact their shots are rich in an unmistakable grace that summarize their characteristics and their differences. Even for her the influences were many due to the many trips, to the knowledge of many realities, very different from her origin.
Certainly the romantic aspect, the bohemian of photography was acquired in Paris where a period of university education was spent.
The perception of freedom in movements, in expressions, in faces certainly acquired in Cuba.
Naturalness, beauty, the vision of being able to grasp the sacredness of a moment acquired in Spain.
Antonella is curious, she is not afraid of the reality that is presented to her, the aesthetics can be traced back to all the autopia but can be captured in a glance
In a smile, in any form of happiness, of life, of freedom, above all of love.

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