Could you immagine have your Civil Wedding in Verona at the Juliet’s Balcony one of the most romantic place in the world? Verona!
Plan a Civil Wedding in Verona:
If you are planning a wedding abroad and you are confused about which city in Italy is more adapt to you, but you know what you are looking for: Romance, Traditional, Love, Passion and Italian culture.You are looking for Verona!
Verona is so Romantic, Verona will impress you because is full of history and is one of the Italian city that will capture your heart, you will literally fell in love of Verona! We dedicated many post about Verona because is magical  and we love it! For couple that are planning a wedding in Italy spread the word about this Magnificent City!
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Civil Wedding at Sala Guarienti Hall Verona
How to plan a Civil Wedding in Verona
Verona is knew in the world as Romantic City or City of Love, thanks to Shakespeare wrote the history of Julietta and Romeo. Situated in the North of Italy Verona is a the most elegant, aristocratic, beautiful, full of interesting monument and history to discover.
The majesty city of Verona: monumental, elegant and romantic, attracts many couple that are planning a wedding in Italy. Verona is divided in two parts from the River Adige that seems a great snake that runs through the city.
In the heart of Verona is cherished The Arena of Verona, the ancient Amphitheater, famous in the world is famous for its welcoming relevant theater events and variety music.
Verona is called “the gateway of Italy”. The town is home of many monuments, churches and nice places. There are important monuments , ruins that makes Verona one of the richest cities in Italy.
The love story of Romeo and Juliet:
Romeo went under Juliet’s balcony and there they confessed their love and promised they would get married. Juliet’s House, the “Casa di Giulietta”, is no a small house but a balcony is a “Simbol of Love”.
The story tell about two young lovers who were not allowed by the respective families to realize their dream of love. Many, not so pleasant events later, they make a decision to run away together to the city of Mantua. Juliet took a narcotic potion to fake death for 40 hours. Once Romeo gets to the grave he kills himself in despair by poison, thinking Juliet was dead. When Juliet woke up and saw Romeo dead she brough a knife and killed herself too . In the end The two families of the play Monagues and -Capulets made peace.

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